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Fighting for Queenslanders is a campaign to protect and promote the important things in life that working people in Queensland enjoy. We’re fighting for Queenslanders to have good jobs, access to housing, and world-leading health and education.

We believe in decent work (safe, secure, dignified) and maintaining public ownership of essential infrastructure such as power and water.

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It’s For Every Body is a campaign to win leave and flexibility entitlements for workers experiencing reproductive health issues.

Reproductive Health Leave describes an entitlement that provides leave and flexibility for workers to address reproductive health issues that impact on their capacity to work or take preventative measures like health screening.

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Digital Platform Workers (gig workers) are urging the Queensland State Government to pass legislation that will extend Queensland’s Workers’ Compensation scheme.

There is no better time than now to extend the protections for gig workers  injured or killed on the job and ensure multinational digital platform operators like Uber pay their fair share in workers’ compensation premiums.

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