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Young Workers Hub

Young Workers Hub inspires, educates, and empowers young workers.

We campaignfor real change on issues that undermine the power of young people at work and beyond.

We educate and advocate for young people’s rights at work.

We win big- we have criminalised wage theft, and held one of the biggest hospitality employers in South East Queensland to account over their dodgy practices.

Contact Young Workers Hub on 0448 681 116 or

Health & Safety Representatives Support Service

The goal of the Health & Safety Support Service is to ensure safer workplaces in Queensland with well supported and effective HSRs.

Being a HSR makes a big difference to health and safety in your workplace. With important legal powers, HSR’s ensure workers have strong voice on health and safety in your workplace.

Contact HSR Representatives Support Service via

Safe Work College provides quality workplace health and safety training. Thousands of employers, employer representatives and workers have gained valuable knowledge and skills through participation in workplace health and safety courses provided by the college.

Research shows workplace health and safety representatives and workplace health and safety officers use the knowledge and skills acquired through their participation in Safe Work training courses to make the workplace a healthier and safer place to work.

Contact Safe Work College on 07 846 2111 or

Visit their site at

Workers Compensation Information and Advisory Service

The Workers’ Compensation Information and Advisory Service provides information to injured workers, unions and community organisations about the workers’ compensation system in Queensland.

Contact WCIAS on 1800 102 166 or via this link.

Workers' Psychological Support Service

This independent, confidential and free service helps Queenslanders experiencing a work-related psychological injury to connect with the right community services.

It can also assist workers who may have developed a mental health issue arising from the impact of a physical workplace injury.

It is a free service available to all Queensland workers.

Contact Workers’ Psychological Support Service on 1800 370 732 or