Queensland Union members: the powerful backbone of our state

Workers across industries will unite in celebration this weekend at Labour Day marches across the state, acknowledging the many great advances Queensland working people have fought to secure.

Nearing the 140th anniversary of the Queensland union movement, workers will march and unrs across industries will unite in celebite at family events over the weekend in all major regional towns from Cairns to the Gold Coast and Ipswich and Toowoomba.

Queensland Unions General Secretary Jacqueline King said the focus of this year’s Labour Day celebrations is the enduring improvements working people have realised through their united strength, hard work, and courage.

“The history books show, Queensland union members are a force like no other and have so much to be proud of,” Ms King said.

“From right back to 1891 when workers marched in protest to poor conditions and wages, to today seeing the ongoing power of our human solidarity with wins like legislation to decriminalise sex work, working people truly do achieve momentous shifts in our community when we stand together.”

Importantly, the focus of this year’s Labour Day celebrations is a call by Queensland Unions on the Miles Labor Government to ban the importation, manufacture and supply of engineered stone.

Ms King said time has well and truly passed for this important amendment to legislation to be made.

“We know engineered stone is a deadly product that literally kills people – so the time is up that this ban be implemented in Queensland to ensure every worker is protected from risk to this awful disease,” she said.

“We march this weekend in celebration and also say loudly, we will continue to fight and protect every improvement workers have ever secured, and keep uniting to ensure the rights of workers continue to advance into the future.

“As we stare down the barrel of a crucial state election this year, union members across Queensland know secure, safe jobs are worth fighting for, and a Government who listens to working people is worth fighting for.”

Close to 50,000 union members and their families are expected to march on Monday from Turbot St, Spring Hill to Brisbane Showgrounds, Bowen Hills for this year’s celebrations, where workers will hear speeches from Premier Steven Miles, Queensland Unions General Secretary Jacqueline King, and other union members campaigning on issues in their workplaces, such as workers compensation for gig workers.

“This year we will be celebrating all the many massive wins working people have been able to see roll out since an Albanese Labor Government, like same job same pay laws, paid family and domestic violence leave and the right to disconnect from work,” Ms King said.

“We know that these advances didn’t just materialise for workers, it is only due to union members like all those celebrating this weekend across Queensland that we keep moving the dial.”

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